Why Smarter Communities


We bring strata to real life

Strata is made up of a truly diverse group of people from many walks of life; different cultures, age groups, families, couples and singles, retirees… it’s what makes strata unique and interesting.

The common thread is they are all property owners, either as owner-occupiers or owner-investors, yet they have varying levels of understanding how to make the most from their investment and their experience whilst living in strata.

Adelaide Strata & Community Management (ASCM) recognises this diversity and produces an array of content to inform, educate and inspire people living and invested in strata.

Our People

Honesty, quality, curiosity, and collaboration

At the core of our business is our people. They form our wider family and focus on delivering innovative, cost effective and long-lasting solutions to our customers.

The Smarter Communities group is a distinctive employer with a people and culture diversity as unique as the properties we manage. Our teams are equipped with the training, tools and trust they require to perform their duties at exceptionally high levels.

Together we have nurtured and grown an extremely capable, adaptable and pioneering team of professionals who are valued and respected. In turn, our people are devoted to delivering outstanding results and are rewarded for their efforts.

Right beside our great Chief Executive Officer, J Alexander Lang, are our award-winning and industry recognised people who have a passion for property, and genuinely care for the communities under our management.


Building Smarter Communities

We’ve invested heavily in industry-leading digital and online platforms to safeguard clarity, speed and efficiencies across its strata services.

The ease of conducting strata management utilising these technologies has improved considerably with more time for community managers to be managing communities, not caught up in administrative duties.

The implementation of direct points of contact within the business for clients, making communication even easier, has been extremely well received. Innovation is our key focus. We fast tracked StrataVote implementation to allow online meeting voting.

We introduced a suite of Microsoft products to improve communication and streamline standardisation throughout the business. Every staff member was issued a laptop regardless of position with video conferencing technology.

Thank you to our education partners

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