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Residential Strata Management

The strength of Adelaide Strata and Community Management stems from our over-riding commitment to work in partnership with our clients. It is what our clients expect and is undoubtedly the reason why Adelaide Strata and Community Management is an industry leader in strata management.

With over 6,000 residential and commercial lots currently under management; and trusted with a number of South Australia’s most prestigious residential addresses, we are a force in strata management.

A commitment to rigorous professional development and regular participation in government sponsored training programs ensures the Strata Management team maintains the highest levels of competencies in all aspects of strata management. This expertise extends from the early stages of planning and development of the strata process through to the delivery of extensive management associated solutions. Then it is our ability to offer integrated service options that completes the picture.

Retail and Commercial Management

At Adelaide Strata & Community Management, we understand the importance of presentation to the retail industry. We offer our expert assistance to unit and lot owners to achieve the highest level of presentation of your premises. Our expertise ensures that building and common property improvements are achieved with taste, value for money and with future flexibility.

The needs of Commercial Strata and Community Title property owners are quite different to those of Residential Strata and Community Title owners. Our experience with commercial and mixed use schemes ensures our commercial clients receive specialised service in a timely manner meaning that your time is spent on your business.

Working in close collaboration with clients to understand their investment objectives, Adelaide Strata and Community Management will implement an industry prized management solution to ensure your property investments are professionally serviced in the most cost effective way.

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