Partnering with Property Developers

ASCM is proudly part of Smarter Communities, one of the largest Community Management companies in Australia with over $30 billion of property under management across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The team at ASCM appreciate that each development opportunity has its complexities and respond quickly to understand the developer’s vision. We have proven expertise with adding value to residential and mixed-use developments and master planned communities. We provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the development consultation phase of your development and the establishment of the owners corporation or body corporate.

Our team will successfully drive the transition from developer owned to an active, operational complex with all service contracts executed and contractors ready for foundation residents. The services we deliver can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each unique project to maximise returns, with a view to exceed client expectations, while making the investment an attractive and realistic option for new homeowners.

Professional Advice

Comprehensive Strata Managagement?

Collaborating right from the early stages of architectural design, ASCM has proven expertise in saving time and money for both the developer now, and the owners corporation down the track. For more than two decades we have helped developers bring their vision to life, settled owners into their new home or investment, and transitioned existing communities to our care.

Our focus lies in the seamless delivery of core strata management services.


Adelaide Strata & Community Management offers the following services to add value to your project

  • Consultancy
  • Establish
  • Transition

Consultancy Service

This service is provided to developers and their consultants.

We provide advice and assistance in the design of the Strata and Community Title, including:

  • Preparation of the preliminary budget and levy schedule for marketing purposes Review and advise on rules and/or additional/special rules
  • Review and advise on the draft strata plan and any revision required
  • Advice as to the establishment of the owners corporation including services and overall management of the development
  • Contractor negotiation on insurance and other common services of the owners corporation with the facility to also negotiate on bulk purchase of fittings to the development


  • Establish owners corporation books and documentation
  • Prepare and undertake Inaugural General Meeting
  • Set operational budget(s)
  • Facilitate and arrange all insurances and strata policy at practical completion
  • Register by-laws
  • Ensure legislative compliance


  • Preparation of owners corporation/bodies corporate certificates
  • Tender all service contracts, execute agreements and implement
  • Coordinate any specific services; place management,
    building and/or facilities management, concierge or embedded networks
  • Adopt and coordinate move-in schedules
  • Tailor comprehensive defects process in consultation
    with developer and builder

Development Enquiry

Give us a little detail about you and your Corporation below and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you within two business days Alternatively call us on (08) 8490 1300

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