What are article by-laws and rules?

What are article by-laws and rules?

An essential and unique part of living within a Corporation is the necessity to follow set rules to ensure all residents can enjoy their home and live safely and harmoniously together.

Articles are the rules and regulations adopted by the Corporation that all owners and occupiers living within a Corporation legally must follow.

Some strata articles (Schedule 3) are set out in legislation and can be found in the Strata Titles Act. By-laws are established to form the rules for a community and can be found in the Community Titles Act.

Each Corporation can decide on and enforce its own set of rules to suit the way all owners want to live together. It’s important to understand your responsibilities and obligations, and to know which articles/rules apply to your scheme.

ASCM can advise your Corporation how
rules can be changed, or new ones created, to meet the needs of all owners.

Common rules

Pets, parking, noise, renovations, behaviour of residents, use of common property, and smoking are all common rules established to regulate behaviour in Corporations.

Rules can vary significantly from scheme to scheme. It’s important you know and understand your scheme’s rules and abide by these rules.

Corporations can include penalties for non-compliance and enforce these for any infringements.

Some rules, such as pets and renovations, may require permission from the Committee or the Corporation.

BEFORE you do anything, check the rules or by-laws first, follow procedure and seek permissions.

These rules are in place to protect all residents and to promote a harmonious environment and community.

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